What Our Customers Say!

Here are some comments and emails we have recieved over the years from our wonderful customers about
Goldenwood Soap & our Products.

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5/6/15 - I received my order. It was packaged well and everything was in good condition. I was introduced to your product (hand cream) at the holiday Expo in Portland, and was given a sample. I nurtured that sample and scraped the vial for every drop until I could afford to purchase my own. It is an amazing product and thank you for making it available to the public. I knit, and my hands become very dry and that has become the reason for many dropped stitches and uneven tension. Creams and lotions would transfer to the yarn, so I couldn't use them. This product is the answer to my wishes! It soaks in, my hands are soft and pliable, and there is no transfer. Thank you! - Jeanette P


2014 Customer Comments

 8/26/2014 - Hello! I was given a sample when I was at the Saturday Market in Gresham a few weeks ago. I just tried it out and its amazing, makes my skin so soft and smooth, not to mention the smell. I wanted to see if you will be out at the Saturday Market this coming Saturday 8/30? If so, I will see you then! Thanks so much! I will be sharing her site to several :) - Candiss M.


8/23/2014 - I continue to share your products (and web site info) with friends and family with the same result...Wonderful!  Note: I have noticed that the Almond Soap slices remove makeup the best. Connie B.


8/19/2014 - I am trying to find some hand cream that I got at Astoria Sunday Market last year. It felt like my hands were powdered, not the greasy feeling most creams leave my hands. I went to the Market a couple weeks ago but I didn't find the stand. I was wondering if your company is the one I am looking for. You were giving out tiny, white sample containers. Please let me know, my hands are in need! - Elizabeth M.


8/17/2014 - I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Cedar & Saffron Body Spray I purchased from your booth in Florence. For the first time in years my husband is commenting on how good I smell. An added bonus is that it has become a calming agent when going to sleep at night with my CPAP machine. Thank you for creating this wonderful scent.  - Connie B.

8/4/2014 - Hi! I met you at the Kent market a month ago and you were so kind to let me try a soap of yours at no cost for my daughter who has sensitive skin. We are using it and she loves it! You told me you have naked bars you sell. I would like to purchase some from you. If you could get back to me as to how I can do this, that would be great. Thank you so much for your generosity! - Angela B.

7/22/14 - First bought your soap at SIP! in March and just love it!  - Stephanie B.

7/16/14 -
Originally bought products from you two years ago at the Florence Folk Festival and am happy to finally have looked you up online! - Janna B.


6/28/2014 - Hello!  Just visited your booth at Roseburg Art Festival. Couldn't help myself but come and praise you.  Such beautiful products you make! All elegantly crafted and such a high quality!I wish your business all the best!  Thank you, sincerely, Iryna B.


5/13/2014 - I got a free sample of the goat milk hand cream - fresh grapefruit. It seem to calm my psoriasis - on my face. I would like to know more about your products. And which way do I go that might be best to help with my problem. Your cream is so velvety. - Pam N.


5/8/2014 - I purchased your White Gardenia (hand & body cream) at a Christmas bazaar last year in Medford. It's so smoothing and effective for my hands. Great product!!!!!! - Melinda K.


5/6/14  - Met you at the Arts and Crafts Fair here in Pullman, WA in April.  I  bought this White Gardenia Cream and just love it! You've made a believer out of me! ;-)  I was delighted to get the email from you about this sale!  Now I can use more of the cream knowing I will soon be receiving more.  Thank You!  I hope you plan to come back in  October/November for the big Winter arts and crafts fair again to be at Beasley Coliseum.  - Rosa Lily H.


5/6/2014 - I love the hand cream.  I was at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day where their product of the month is a hand cream which supposedly is the best for cracked skin and doesn't leave a residue etc.  I tried a little dab.  Dreadful is too complimentary.  I opened my purse, hauled out my small jar (tiny) of your cream and let the clerk try it.  She was rather startled at my reaction to the other stuff and pleasantly surprised by yours. - Helen W.


5/6/2014 - Hi! my daughter and I are new fans of your soap. We made our first purchase at WSU Mom's weekend craft show. My daughter describes herself as "addicted" to your goat milk products. I am Mom paying for two college educations at the moment...just wondering if you ever have seconds for sale. I'd like to treat my daughter to a good supply .. WSU Mom, Marta M. (her favorites are lemon and mango fragrances)


4/19/14 - We tried a sample of the lemon hand cream at WSU mom's weekend. Unfortunately we were in a rush and weren't able to look at the booth once given a sample but we (my mother and I) tried the sample and FELL IN LOVE with it. The samples given out were a smart idea ! - Kady C.


4/19/2014 - I was wondering if you would honor a special like: buy 3 hand creams, get 4th free? I LOVE your hand cream and would like to give some as gifts. Thank you for your time! - Vera C.

4/16/2014 - Thank you, Justine!  Now adding "love your customer service" to the list of things I LOVE about Goldenwood Soap products and people.  Continued success to you!

4/15/2014 - Received the lotion and soap slice today. Thank you. The lotion is very, very nice. What a great product. Glad I stopped by your booth at the Jazz Festival in Bellevue, WA. - Alice S.


4/15/2014 - Love the look and ease of using your new website. Love your hand creams! - Marilynne B.


4/5/2014 - Hi Justine! I just realized I hadn't written to you yet to let you know we received this order THE NEXT DAY after you shipped it, and we love everything in it--thank you! I was trying the coconut for the first time--it had to meet with our cat's approval, and he actually likes it! (I really, really like it. Tropical, wahoo!) The lemon is a gift for my mum's birthday. She loves that one. Your hand creme is the best we've found anywhere, and we very much appreciate your "formula" and scents. Hope the new website is going well now...All the best, Heidi



4/5/2014 –  I bought this (Unscented Body Spray) because Goldenwood's Body Spray is one of the few things that helps my youngest sons' SUPER dry skin. Unfortunately he doesn't like all mom's girl smells so finding the unscented version made him a very happy kid. Great product. – Anonymous



4/5/2014 - After trying Goldenwood hand cream at the Astoria Sunday Market I was hooked. It's never greasy and feels like I've just used baby powder and makes me feel pampered(I use it as a body cream). I've tried several different fragrances,but Almond Delight and White Gardenia are my favorites. I have purchased several as thank you gifts on trips to England, Italy and Australia. I LOVE Goldenwood products. – Paula F.



4/5/2014 - I love this hand cream! The sugared lemon is nicely, mildly scented!  - Judi Miller



4/5/2014 - I was given a sample of this lotion (Sugared Lemon Hand Cream) at the McMinnville SIP Wine & Food event. I took it home and forgot about it at the bottom of my purse. What a treat when I found it and tried it. It's fabulous and my new favorite lotion. I can't believe how nice it makes my hands feel. I ordered several others scents online, but haven't used them yet. Still loving the sugared lemon! – Dawn from Salem


4/4/2014 – Manly Man smells WONDERFUL and the lather, like the rest of your soaps, is out of this world!! I've been getting the Manly Man for my husband (72nd birthday this month) because he is a Manly Man! – Amy


4/4/2014 – I love soap scraps!! It's so much fun going through the bags and trying out the different scented soaps. They all lather wonderfully. I sent my mother a bag for her birthday, along with some hand and body cream. She loves them too, so I'm going to send another bag of soap scraps to her for one of her Mothers' Day gifts. – Amyt


3/28/2014 - I had the opportunity to visit your booth at Wintergrass in Bellvue, WA a month ago. I sampled your lotion and bought a container of the hand cream and love the wonderful texture and softness that remains on my hands. Your salesman was a delight, very friendly all three days as folks milled in and out of the hallways... This is some of the most amazing login I have ever tried! I told your salesman I would be buying more as the hand creme dwindles. I just placed another order. Thank you for your dedication to a wonderful art, I LOVE what your doing, its amazing stuff and I will certainly share with friends! Thank you for a wonderful product!! - K.

3/26/2014 - Yea, thanks Justine! I'll be going on soon.... We do know about all the new different little things, for sure! Just a bit of time will make it all familiar again. We really love the goat milk hand cream, and will likely be ordering online again, as everybody will run out before we get back up to the Astoria farmers' market this year! All the best, Heidi H.


 3/25/14 - I absolutely love your soaps and hand creams. Have recommended them to my friends and we do group buys :) - Jennifer S.


3/25/2014 - Enjoyed getting your products at Bellevue Bluegrass festival!! - Carole T.


3/19/2014 - I received one of your samples at the Oregon PI dog show. I loved your hand lotion and ordered some lotion and spray from your site. I have since lost the sample and wondered if I can get a Lemon sugar sample and i would pay for the postage. I have been spreading the word with that sample in my purse about your goat milk products and how they don't leave a residue on your hands. Love it. thanks much. - Cherry H.


2/5/2014 - I just happened to be walking by your booth at the Dog show at the Portland Expo and you gave me a sample first , which drew me in to testand smell your WODERFUL products. I ended up purchasing a hand lotion inone of my favorite scents "Almond Delight". You also gave me many samplesof you amazing soaps.. I live in Molalla and was very happy to find outyou are so very close, just a hop ,skip, and a jump from me... I will be afaithfull customer ,and intend to tell EVERYONE I know about your FABULOUSbody products !!! I do believe that the free samples are "key". We womenlike to try before we buy !!! All the best to you for your future,and GodBless.. Sheila S. Molalla Or.


1/2/2014 - Judy and Curtis;
Recently I placed an order with your company for some lotion and hand cream.  I received the order but it was quite severely dented.  Per your request I attempted to forward pictures of the damage that I am not sure you even received. You immediately sent me a brand new "can" of Lemon Sugar lotion which I even received prior to Christmas. I can't thank you enough for the excellent service you provided.  I received the lotion that was a Christmas gift in plenty of time.  I can only show my appreciation by providing your web site to everyone that was attending a very large gathering here in Northern Utah.  I let them sample my lotion and I am quite certain you will have other customers shortly.  I will certainly be ordering more the next time I need gifts.  Thank you again for your fabulous product and your incredible service.  Shaun H.

2013 Customer Comments

12/23/13 - Here’s to a fantastic 2012!  Cheers and thank you for your wonderful service and AWESOME products!  - Alfred and Wendy R


12/22/13 - Bought from you at the Portland Expo Bazaar.  Just tried the little sample again of Cedar and Saffron Hand Cream.  It’s so nice!  -  Sharon T.


12/19/13 - Love your products.  - Patty B.


12/17/13 - I’m hooked!  Love your products! :)  - Lauri G.


12/15/13 - I love local and handmade!  Can’t wait to give your awesome lotions as gifts, gifting myself as well :)  Merry Christmas!  - Sally L.


12/13/13 - I love you products!! So glad I found you!  - Davi P.


12/9/13 - Your products are so great! Can’t wait to share with friends and family! Have a wonderful Holiday Season.  - Nicole T.


12/9/13 - Love your stuff!!! - Nancy L.


12/10/13 - Thanks much.  Love you products.  Happy Holidays.  - Karen L.


12/6/13 - LOVE LOVE LOVE your hand creams, they are the only kind I will use.  (which I only use in winter haha) - Jesa A.


12/5/13 - LOVE the Almond fragrance.  - Ruth W.


12/5/13 - Your lotion rock!  - Laura W.


11/22/13 - I’ve been using your products for the past four years and absolutely LOVE them.  Thank you for the care and commitment your company brings.  - Roserria R.


11/23/13 - Loved the product - picked it up on the cruise and am ordering for Christmas presents.  - Kathlene R. 


11/15/13 - Happy Holidays to you and the ‘kids’!  Thanks for your prompt service.  - Carol W.


11/8/13 - Hello!  It’s been a while since I’ve ordered one of your wonderful soaps and/or lotions...simply the best!  Wishing you all wonderful holidays coming up!  - Toni D.


11/7/13 - I was one of the chalk artists at the ‘Bend Spring Festival’ I talked with a nice lady for a while who told me I should stop by the ‘Goldenwood Soap’ stand.  Due to the fact that I needed some moisture fro my hands after being in the cold dry weather working with chalk, I decided that might be a good idea.  On my break, I went and was amazed with your hand lotion!  I just finished my little jar and am excited to get my next few jars :o).  Thanks! -  Marissa L.

11/10/13 - Love the unscented hand cream! Thanks for reaching out to us as we passed by at the Astoria Market.  - Terri C.


10/19/13 - Love your products -- Thank You!  Can’t wait to try my samples.  - Laura J.


9/29/13 - I love this hand cream.  Miss seeing you at the Salem Wednesday Market.  - Mari Sue J.


6/26/13 - When I went to my dermatologist last week she asked me what soaps and creams I was using.  I told her about your soaps and creams and she told me my skin has never looked this good.  Love your soaps and creams and I tell everyone about them.  - Judy M.


6/13/13 - Can’t wait to get the Lilac/Lilies hand cream.  Again thank you for putting the almond soap on special.  - Sharleen H.


6/6/13 - Met you off cruise ship.  Wish I had bought more.  Your giving samples of little hand lotions to tourists as the board tour buses before they return to ship is brilliant!  Trust me I’m a marketer.  Good Luck.  Your products are delightful.  - Christine G.


4/15/13 - Love your soaps! I will never use another soap again.  Makes my eczema disappear and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth!  Amazing!  - Alanna M.


4/6/13 - Good job sending the Woodland Elves sample...my husband loves it!  So I’m ordering it, second order this month :).  - Connie B.

3/19/13 - Really love this product and it’s the only lotion my husband has asked em to reorder.  He has eczema on his hands and it helps.  - Irene W.

2/7/13 - We found you on a Cruise up the Coast.  We now have become addicted to your soaps and hand creams.  - Kathleen H.


1/21/13 - I got a sample of the cream at the Bazaar this winter and have been using it only in the last couple of days and wished I had purchased more when I was there.  It is rich and creamy with no greasy after feel.  Can’t wait to get my new shipment now.  Thank you.  - Dellarae O.


2012 Customer Comments

12/12/12 -
We love your products!  - Stacy G


12/8/12 - FYI Did you know how great your soap makes suitcases smell?  Accidently left a slice in one; now I put samples and small pieces in stored suitcases.  Thanks, Love your products.  - Grace A


11/17/12 - Best soap!  This is a birthday gift for my mom who loves it also.  - Krista M.


10/15/12 - I ordered hand cream as gifts on my trip to Australia in July.  Everyone loved it, as do I, and I need more for myself.  I thought I’d give the Body Lotion a try.  Thanks so much for the wonderful product and great service!  - Paula F.


10/1/12 - My girlfriend and I bought this amazing hand cream from you in Bend this summer and we want more....Jim W.


8/17/12 - Love your product.  - Cynthia M.


8/15/12 - This is my 3rd year purchasing your soaps.  I am so glad that you have made this product...no more dry skin especially during the winters.  Even my husband has been using your soap with the same results.  My new favorite scent is Sea Moss.  Can’t wait to try the new soaps!  - Connie B.


8/8/12 - I received your products as a gift, from my sis who lives in OR.  LOVE it!!!! - Deborah G.


7/27/12 - Favorite soap is Lady Lavender.  - Bonnie F.


7/26/12 - You make the best soap I have ever used.  - Jimmy G.


7/24/12 - Thank you for sharing your wonderful products with the world!!  - Aliesha H.


7/15/12 - I looked for you at Sunday Market in Astoria and was sorry you weren’t there.  I am leaving for Australia and wanted to give you wonderful hand creams as gifts so I’m hoping you’re not to busy and are able to mail them out soon.  I LOVE your product and am trying your soap in this order.  Thanks!  - Paula F.


6/25/12 -  I saw you at the Roseburg Summer Arts Fest this past weekend and tried the Cedar/Saffron hand cream.  I absolutely love it!  - Cheryl M.


6/20/12 - Fantastic soap and lotion - needed gifts to share :).  - Wendy L. R.


5/28/12 - Wonderful hand cream!  I can hardly wait to try your other products.  - Wendy. R.


4/15/12 - I’ve never had a cream that left my hands so seude-y smooth as your product.  I’m so glad that you were at the Bluegrass Festival in Portland this winter.  Do you gave you items in a store in Salem?  Keep up the good work.  - Nikki C.


3/10/12 - I wasn’t stopping by at the booth, but a gentleman handed me a small sample of Sugared Lemon hand lotion in the tiniest container as I walked by.  I chuckled to myself thinking it wasn’t enough to even sample, but to my surprise there was a lot in that little container!  And I loved the feel of it.  Thank you for reaching out to those who might not have interest as they walk by :).  - Diana K.


1/31/12 - Thank you for this great product line!  Reminds me of my grandmother who raised milk goats on her ranch near Dallas in the 1940‘s.  - Patty B.


1/30/12 - I am a return customer who has purchased your unscented goat milk soap.  At the Florence Winter Folk Festival 2012, you left a sample of hand lotion in the Ladies room.  I loved using it.  I am ordering one for me and one for my friend.  - Stephanie S.


1/12/12 - I love your products, they are doing wonders for my dry skin.  I have tried everything with nothing helping.  So glad I found you and your products!  - Mary G.


1/12/12 - Love your soap!  - Ann B.


1/7/12 - Great lotion!  Got a sample at the World’s Largest Christmas Bazaar --- Thank  you.  - Tricia L.


1/2/12 - Love the sample I got at the Kitsap Holiday Fair.  - Crystal F.


2009 Customer Comments

12/30/09 - I tried a sample of this product at the Christmas Bazaar at the Expo Center in Portland and I loved it!  - Patty


12/16/09 - Hope the Salem Market was a success; I plan on zipping over to Oregon City Sat a.m. for my needed WONDERFUL hand creams.  I plan to give them to everyone in the office and family members as well.  - Karyn S.


12/13/09 - I bought a 2oz Pineapple Cream at the Salem Holiday Market.  It is the best hand cream I have ever used.  Thanks!  - Margy


12/11/09 - Been making my last jar stretch out until I could do it no longer.  I hate all the other lotions on my body now, you have me spoiled.  So I take others, non-scented, mix with a touch of what I had left, and spray in your scented body oil.  It isn’t the same, but it worked.  So get this stuff to me SOON, I’m crazy without it!! ;) Cinda


11/9/09 - I didn’t realize how yummy your lotions were until I opened up the Sugared Lemon sample I was given at the Holiday Expo.  Now I’m mad at myself for not buying some there.  You truly have an great product.  I’m already addicted!  - Kelly


10/3/09 - Hi! I purchased Goldenwood soap while on vacation in the Molalla area this past May - its wonderful.  My cousin, Annette J. meets her coffee shop group in the neat little coffee shop that carries your soap.  Great little place.  Thank you!  - Lynette


9/17/09 - Thank you Curt for introducing me to goats milk products.  It is absolutely amazing and so hydrating for my dry skin being a hygienist and constantly washing my hands.  Sincerely Renee


8/4/09 - I bought your hand cream at West Linn Market (Tuesdays) and now I can’t live without it.  I get so many complements on the scent!!! Thank you!  - Cinda


7/19/09 - I recently vacationed in Portland and I bought one bar of your soap.  I found it to be creamy, fragrant and I loved how it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. - Ernestine


6/4/09 - Hi Judy & Curt, Just got off the phone from my friend in Hawaii re the soaps and lotions I sent her and I was sorry I couldn’t put you on long distance speaker.  She absolutely raved about everything!!! I reminded her that your web address was on the bottle of lotion if she decided she couldn’t live without more of your products. - Jan


5/27/09 - I received your lotion from a student of mine, Dani and loved it so much I had to check out your website.  I love the lotion!  - Dena


5/24/09 - I love your soaps!  They make my skin so soft and the pictures of the goats are so precious!  - Kathy


5/21/09 - I LOVE YOUR GOAT MILK HAND CREME!!! I got some at the Oregon City Farmer’s Market.  And I’m almost out and need some more -- but -- more importantly, my daughter tried it when she was visiting, fell in love with it, and asked for a jar for a New Mother’s Gift when her baby comes.  (I had asked her what she would like me to get as a gift for the baby and after she had tried my hand cream, she said, “How about getting some of this hand cream for me instead.  Don’t new moms get gifts too?” The fragrance we like is Gardenia.  - Lynne


5/19/09 - Are you at the Hillsboro Market downtown on Saturdays or just the Orenco Station Market on Sundays?  I want to bring my mom by to check out your fantastic products - especially the hand lotion.  Thanks! - Carol


5/14/09 - Hi, I tried your WONDERFUL hand cream at the Salem Market.  Giving out samples was a brilliant idea because I knew I had to have some.  We own a retail nursery in Oregon City and my hands take a brutal beating this time of the year and your hand cream has actually kept my hands from cracking which is quite an accomplishment.  And the fragrance is simply fantastic.  Thank you for that little sample.  My hands have never been happier.  - Becky K. at Pebble Stone Nursery


5/12/09 - I bought some of your ‘Lavender Amber’ at a Christmas Bazaar last year and absolutely love it, so I thought I’d try some soap.  Keep up the good work - love the pics of the animals that provide the main ingredient in your product.  - Carol


5/1/09 - LOVE the Cedar & Saffron Hand Cream ~ I have strangers, even MEN stop and ask me what I am wearing that smells so good.  And you know, this scent is calming to me ~ I sleep better when I get a whiff of it, so I keep my hands near my face! - Patrice


3/4/09 - I found you and your products at the Florence Folk Festival a year ago.  I love the hand cream and find I don’t want to be without it!  If you have it in a store in Beaverton, Tigard or Lake Oswego, please let me know.  Thanks!  - Peggy


2/25/09 - Thank you again for your wonderful lotion!  It’s the only product we have found that heals my teenaged son’s rough hands.  I am a nurse and I always need long lasting hydration as well.  - Rebecca


1/18/09 - Happy Birthday Kate!  Kev and I love this lotion, We both wash our hands a lot at work and this has kept us from getting dried cracked hands that we usually suffer with all Winter.  Love ya!  - Teasha, Kev and Ivan


1/10/09 - Love this cream!  It makes my hands feel so soft and lasts a long time through the day!  - Cindy


1/4/2009 - I bought a small jar at the New Hope Christmas Bazaar last year and it was the only thing that worked on my dry skin.  I love this cream.  Thank you very much for goat love. - Mary


1/3/09 - I love this soap and wish you made the Orange Cranberry year round!


2008 Customer Comments 

12/18/08 - I’m delighted that the conditioning sprays are now available.  Thanks for letting me know!  We look for you every year at the Albany Christmas Bazaar - but it’s nice to know we can get your product throughout the year, too!  Merry Christmas --- Julia

12/15/08 - Hi, I am Marisa O.’s grandma and was given a sample of your hand cream and just love it.  It makes my skin soo soft.  Will be looking forward to getting my order.  Thanks!


11/8/08 - I bought this cream in the summer while I was in Oregon.  I loved the cream so I need and want more!!!!! - Carolina


10/15/08 - I was in Salem, Oregon in June & purchased your product at the Street Market - both my husband & I love this hand cream.  Thank you.  - Beverly H.


 8/29/08 - I **LOVE** your hand creams, Nancy.