Ruggedly Handsome Collection

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This is our Ruggedly Handsome Collection.  You won't find any girly notes here!  

This contains 3 of our prepicked Goat Milk Soap Slices.

Tree Beard - Rich earthy notes of the Wild Oak meet warm, sweet Vanilla to create a down to Middle Earth experience.

Woodland Elves - Evergreen aromas of spruce, pine, and cedarwood with a smidge of patchouli and a hint of orange peel.  

Wild Oats & Beer - Creamy oats with notes of sweet vanilla and rich milk, blended magnificently with smooth dark beer, nutty almond, and warm butterscotch.  An absolutely delectable fragrance!



Ruggedly Handsome Collection - Tree Beard Goat Milk Soap Slice, Woodland Elves Soap Slice, Wild Oats & Beer Soap Slice

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Width: 4.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 4.00