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This is our 'Manly' Soap Collection.  You won't find any girly notes here!  We took masculine type fragrances to create this collection, perfect for the "Manly" men in your life.

Pick any three of these fragrances for a perfect gift for the MAN in your life!   

Bayleaf & Tobacco - Warm and mellow, we start off with rich Bay Leaf blending into base notes of woodsy Cedar, it concludes with warm undertones of Tobacco Leaf and Bergamot. This smells just like a gentleman should!

Beach Comber - Salty sea air with a sprinkle of rain and a hint of soft florals.  A clean, crisp, invigorating scent.

Gentleman Only - Gentleman Only is reminiscent to the days of old when men gathered in the barbershops to grab a shave and a haircut while catching up on the local news.  

We start off with notes of a good, strong aftershave, a hint of orange zest with a dash of old spices finish it off. This scent is sure to be a hit with gentlemen of both young and old.

Manly Man - Manly notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Patchouli.  You won't find no girly notes in this soap.

Treebeard - Rich earthy notes of the Wild Oak meet warm, sweet Vanilla to create a down to Middle Earth experience.

Wild Oat & Beer - Creamy oats with notes of sweet vanilla and rich milk, blended magnificently with smooth dark beer, nutty almond, and warm butterscotch.  An absolutely delectable fragrance! 

Father's Day Collection  Select from 6 manly fragrances

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