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Soap Slices


These soaps are in response to a need for a beautiful mid-priced soap with the same extra gentle cleansing experience as our other soaps.

With fun and whimsical names you can explore some new fragrance blends or may find some of your old favorite fragrances here as we move them from other lines.

Our  Soap Slices are about 1/3oz. smaller than our other soaps and contain the same 25% creamy goats milk per bar.

We hope you find these soaps intriguing!


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  • Almond Delight Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Almond Delight Soap Slice
    Sweet & crisp, nutty almonds with notes of cherry mixed in.  It reminds me of baking, certainly a more almond extract type scent. Samples...
  • Arctic Chill Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Arctic Chill Soap Slice
    A brisk and chilling blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. Samples available...
  • Beach Comber Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Beach Comber Soap Slice
    Salty sea air with a sprinkle of rain and a hint of soft florals.  A clean, crisp, invigorating scent. You'll feel the ocean spray against your face and the sand in your britches when you smell this one...
  • Cedar & Saffron Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Cedar & Saffron Soap Slice
    A woodsy, earthy, cedar coupled with the spicy, grassy, sweet scent of Saffron.  Originally introduced for men, it’s been a best seller among woman as well. Samples available...
  • Firefly Frenzy Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Firefly Frenzy Soap Slice
    This fragrance bursts forth with the scent of juicy oranges, tart lemons and fresh squeezed limes.  A citrus lover’s delight. Samples available...
  • Gentleman Only Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Gentleman Only Soap Slice
    Gentleman Only is reminiscent to the days of old when men gathered in the barbershops to grab a shave and a haircut while catching up on the local news. We start off with notes of a good, strong aftershave, a hint of orange...
  • Journey to Ireland Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Journey to Ireland Soap Slice
    Journey to Ireland with us!  With notes of leafy greens mixed with the wild mint that grows in the moors, hints of musk and the earthy undertones round out this wonderful green scent.   “May the road rise...
  • Manly Man Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $6.50 Manly Man Soap Slice
    Manly notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Patchouli.  You won't find no girly notes in this soap. Samples available...
  • Naked Goat Milk Soap Slice
    $5.50 Naked Soap Slice
    For those sensitive souls. No fragrance, no colors just the gentle to the skin goat milk soap.  Samples...

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