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Classic Soaps


This is our original line of brightly colored and richly scented goat milk soap containing 25% goat milk for an extra gentle cleansing experience.

With a new recipe and update look as of November 2017, these soaps have a creamier, lotion like lather, all while making a harder bar in the soap dish that is a bit longer lasting than our original Classics. Each one hand polished so they are smooth to the touch, we have added a generous amount of mango butter and they are higher in the conditioning oils of Avocado and Olive that make your skin go YUMM! We think you will LOVE this new, updated version!

weight approximately 3.7oz.



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  • Blue Cotton Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Blue Cotton Classic Soap
    Spring air, blue skies, cotton sheets drying on the clothes line….this is what comes to mind when you smell this lovely fragrance.  Fresh and clean with notes of ozone and greens laced with a hints of soft...
  • Blushing Peach Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Blushing Peach Classic Soap
    Sweet Georgia Peaches meld with Juicy, ripe Apricots.  One word can describe this scent, YUMMMMMM!  *Reformulated with a face lift!* What is different about this NEW Classic Style Goat Milk Soap?  This is a...
  • English Lavender & Mint Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 English Lavender & Mint Classic Soap
    A bright, clean, refreshing blend of two favorites.  A warm, easy, wake-me-up fragrance *Reformulated with a face lift!*  What is different about this NEW Classic Style Goat Milk Soap?  This is a NEW recipe,...
  • Eucalyptus & Rosemary Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Eucalyptus & Rosemary Classic Soap
    The blending of eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils creates this invigorating, wake-me-up soap. *Reformulated with a face lift!* What is different about this NEW Classic Style Goat Milk Soap?  This is a NEW recipe,...
  • Grapefruit Twist Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Grapefruit Twist Classic Soap
    A bright & bubbly fragrance with top notes of a tangy Grapefruit, throw in a splash of sweet peaches, ripe mangos and the slightest hint of Pineapple and you have our Grapefruit Twist. *Reformulated with a face...
  • Green Tea & Pear Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Green Tea & Pear Classic Soap
    Imagine sitting under a pear tree on a warm summer day.  Notes of fresh and bright green tea mixed with crisp and sweet Anjou pear,  Crisp, clean and refreshing.  What a hit! *Reformulated with a face...
  • Hawaiian Spring Classic Goat Milk Soap *Limited Edition*
    $7.50 Hawaiian Spring Classic Soap ***NEW***
    **NEW Limited Edition** Smells just like Spring in Hawaii, if Hawaii had a Spring *wink*. Notes of tart Limes & Lemons are paired with bubbly Champagne, Sweet Peas & Plumerias to make this a happy and bright...
  • Lady Lavender Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Lady Lavender Classic Soap
    For the true Lavender fanatic.  This Lavender is true to the English lavender bud (not an essential oil) with no additional floral or fruit notes. It's smooth, slightly sweet and refreshing, just like lavender should be...
  • Lemon Verbena Classic Goat Milk Soap
    $7.50 Lemon Verbena Classic Soap
    A fresh, citrusy, slightly herbal fragrance that's very reminiscent of the actual plant. And, by far, the best Lemon Verbena fragrance I've smelled.  Very nice. *Reformulated with a face lift!* What is different about...

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