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Body Sprays



Protect and condition your skin after your bath. This body spray is a wonderful blend of Rice Bran, Jojoba, and Abyssinian oils.   Light oils that dries quickly and leaves you with silky soft skin just waiting to be touched.  Simply spray a small amount to your skin where desired and spread gently till dry.


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  • Almond Delight Body Spray
    $14.00 Almond Delight Body Spray - 4.25oz
    Almond Delight is sweet & crisp, almonds with notes of cherry mixed in.  It reminds me of baking, certainly a more almond extract type scent. Samples...
  • Caribbean Coconut Body Spray
    $14.00 Caribbean Coconut Body Spray - 4.25oz
    Rich notes of toasted coconut swirled with hints of sweetened coconut milk and creamy vanilla make this a coconut lovers delight! Samples...
  • Cedar & Saffron Body Spray
    $14.00 Cedar & Saffron Body Spray - 4.25oz
    A superb blend of woodsy, earthy, cedar coupled with the spicy, sweet scent of saffron. Originally introduced for men, it’s been a best seller among woman as well. Samples...
  • French Vanilla Body Spray
    $14.00 French Vanilla Body Spray - 4.25oz
    Creamy, dreamy, yummy French vanilla. Samples...
  • Fresh Grapefruit Body Spray
    $14.00 Fresh Grapefruit Body Spray - 4.25oz
    Juicy pink grapefruit with just a whisper of ripe kumquat and creamy vanilla. Samples...
  • Green Tea & Pear Body Spray
    $14.00 Green Tea & Pear Body Spray - 4.25oz
    Imagine sitting under a pear tree on a warm summer day.  Notes of fresh and bright green tea mixed with crisp and sweet Anjou pear,  Crisp, clean and refreshing.  What a hit! Samples...
  • Lavender Amber Body Spray
    $14.00 Lavender Amber Body Spray - 4.25oz
    Smooth, dark amber blended with a sweet French lavender. Simply intoxicating!   Samples...
  • *Limited Edition* Lavender Vanilla Body Spray
    $14.00 Lavender Vanilla Body Spray - 4.25oz *NEW*
    *Limited Edition* - March 1st through May 31st! It's BACK!  Some of you might remember this fragrance from YEARS ago, we decided to bring it back for the Spring! The herbal, floral aroma of Lavender blended with...
  • *Limited Edition* Lilac & Lilies Body Spray
    $14.00 Lilac & Lilies Body Spray - 4.25oz *NEW*
    *Limited Edition* It's BACK!  March 1st through May 31st! Here you will find an elegant floral blend of Lily-Of-The-Valley paired with a beautiful TRUE French Lilac scent. A sweet, feminine and floral combination...

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