Bay Leaf & Tobacco Classic Soap ***NEW***

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Warm and mellow, we start off with rich Bay Leaf blending into base notes of woodsy Cedar, it concludes with warm undertones of Tobacco and Bergamot. This smells just like a gentleman should!


 *Reformulated with a face lift!*

What is different about this NEW Classic Style Goat Milk Soap?  This is a NEW recipe, with a new updated look that is brighter and bolder in color, slightly more refined in style, all while keeping the same fragrances you have come to know and love. Our new recipe gives these soaps a creamier, lotion like lather, all while making a harder bar in the soap dish that is a bit longer lasting than our original Classics.  Smooth to the touch these creamy soaps still contain 25% goats milk in each bar, we have added a generous amount of mango butter and they are higher in the conditioning oils of Avocado and Olive that make your skin go YUMM!   We think you will LOVE this new, updated version!        

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Bay Leaf & Tobacco Classic Goat Milk Soap

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