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Artisan Soaps

Welcome to our Artisan Soaps Corner!

What are Artisan Soaps? They are fun, luxurious, one of a kind soaps!  

The Artisan soap style is unique with fun colors & different fragrances.  With Hand done designs adorning the top & beautiful swirls running through each bar, no two bars design are exactly the same.  

These Artisan bars are made with higher conditioning oils & the same 25% whole goats milk per bar.  They have such a dreamy lather, so creamy and rich.  Truly a treat for your senses and a treat for your skin! 

These are perfect for House Warming gifts, Birthday Gifts, or any other special occasions you can think of.

 Available exclusively online - All soaps here are one of a kind Limited Editions and have a limited supply available!

  • Coffee Shop Romance Artisan Soap  **NEW**
    $8.50 Coffee Shop Romance Artisan Soap **NEW**
    Its' BAAACK! - *Limited Edition* COFFEE! How else can I describe this scent other than it SCREAMS coffee. Creamy & rich, this roasted coffee bean scent blends with notes of bitter-sweet chocolate and burnt sugar meant...

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