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Artisan Soaps

Welcome to our Artisan Soaps Corner!

What are Artisan Soaps? They are fun, luxurious, one of a kind soaps!  

The Artisan soap style is unique with fun colors & different fragrances.  With Hand done designs adorning the top & beautiful swirls running through each bar, no two bars design are exactly the same.  

These Artisan bars are made with higher conditioning oils & the same 25% whole goats milk per bar.  They have such a dreamy lather, so creamy and rich.  Truly a treat for your senses and a treat for your skin! 

These are perfect for House Warming gifts, Birthday Gifts, or any other special occasions you can think of.

 Available exclusively online - All soaps here are one of a kind Limited Editions and have a limited supply available!

  • Aloha! Fancy Goat Milk Soap
    $8.50 Aloha! Artisan Soap **IT'S BACK!**
    *Limited Edition* - IT'S BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Fragrant Plumerias are paired with ripe, juicy Pineapple to create this delightful fragrance.  Just close your eyes and let it take you to the Islands! These bars are...
  • Asian Sunrise Artisan Soap * SOLD OUT*
    $8.50 Asian Sunrise Artisan Soap * SOLD OUT*
    *SOLD OUT - Limited Edition* Earthy, herbal notes of red tea blend beautifully with exotic, tart Red Lychee. For those who don’t know Lychee fruit is grown mostly in Asia. This energizing & fresh blend is...
  • Calypso Punch Artisan Soap
    $8.50 Calypso Punch Artisan Soap
    *Limited Edition* Sweet and fruity, this is the perfect combination of juicy fruits, bright citruses with a hint of soft florals.  This light and fresh scent it PERFECT for Spring! These Artisan bars are made with...
  • Celtic Morning  Artisan Soap **SOLD OUT**
    $8.50 Celtic Morning Artisan Soap **SOLD OUT**
    *SOLD OUT - Limited Edition* Smell the Spring Rains along the English coast, salty mist drifts up from the sea, with bright notes of green from the countryside with the ever so slight hint of sweet florals.  This is a...
  • Me & My Sweet Pea Artisan Soap
    $8.50 Me & My Sweet Pea Artisan Soap
    *Limited Edition* We start out with beautiful Sweet Pea with cheery Plumeria and hints of strawberries, a light musk note adds a wee bit of depth.  This is a sweet, light, heavenly Sweet Pea. These Artisan bars are...